Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Management

• Act in the best interest of the Company and its stakeholders.

• Maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in the discharge of the responsibilities attached to their Office.

• Participate and contribute to the conduct and progress of the company without any association prejudicial to or conflicting with the company’s interest.

• Conform to statutory and mandatory regulations required for the Company’s operations.

• Maintain utmost secrecy of any confidential information relating to inventions, innovations, trade secrets, formulae, technology relating to machine, material, process, patent, design, drawings, financial data and anything which signifies actual or potential economic value that they become privy to, other than the one exclusively permitted to be disclosed or mandated by law.

• Conduct themselves, both inside and outside the company in a manner which would not adversely affect the reputation of the company. The Code is subject to modification by the Board in order to update and better address the interest of the stakeholders.