Types of HSS Taps




Taps Standards : BS / DIN / JIS / ANSI / IS

Wide Range : Diameter – 3mm to 160mm and Length – 48mm to 550mm

Tolerances : 6H / 6G / Customer Specific

Material Grades used – HSS / HSSE

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Customers of HSS Taps
  • EHWA Diamond India Pvt.Ltd
  • Integral Coach Factory
  • Rail Wheel Factory
  • Tube Investments Of India Ltd
  • Diesel Modernisation Works
  • Maruti Suzuki India Limited
  • Madras Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd
  • TATA Motors Limited
  • Wabco India Limited
  • Multi Start taps are being used for tapping components for Starter motors for two wheelers.
  • Taps for Cycle Industries.
  • Tapping of automotive Cylinder block & Engine block.
  • Special Application taps for CAM and CRANK Shaft tapping.
  • Tapping of Rail wheel axels.
  • Taps for General Application Pipe Fittings / NPT & NGT Taps Gas Pipe line and Gas Cylinders.